Like the view, want the freedom, Rider Skills
can put you behind the bars.


For assistance and class schedule please call us at 508-909-6755.



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Rider Skills of New England is Massachusetts fastest growing rider training school. Located in Southbridge Massachusetts, the classroom and riding range are located at 660 Main St. in Sturbridge, MA.

Rider Skills is focused on the beginning rider with little or no experience. We utilize the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginning Rider Couse for our curriculum. 

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All our training motorcycles are less than 500cc, and most are less than 250cc. Our priority is your safety and coaching you on the fundamental skills and techniques that will allow you to enjoy a lifetime of safe riding. Our goal is to provide you a safe environment to learn the proper skills and techniques and along the way have some fun. Spending $20K on a motorcycle doesn’t make you a rider anymore than buying golf clubs makes you a golf professional. Riding is a skill that needs to be acquired and practiced.

Not every class runs every weekend. We reserve the right to reschedule you at no charge if the class is cancelled by us.