The Beginner Rider Course costs $295 and is payable prior to taking the course. The classes are held on weekends. There are two formats available. Class 1 starts on Saturday mornings at 8am with 3 hours of classroom time. There is a one hour break for lunch, and riding starts at noon on the range. Classroom resumes on Sunday morning at 8am with three more hours of classroom including the written exam. Riding again resumes at noon on the range and concludes with the riding evaluation.

Class 2 starts on Friday night at 6pm with three hours of class room learning. The class assembles again at 7am for 5 hours of range riding. There is an hour break for lunch and classroom resumes at 1pm. Three hours of classroom concludes with the written exam. The class assembles again at the range at 7am for 5 hours of riding concluding with the riding evaluation.