What you will need

Licensing Terms and Conditions

Students must:

  • Massachusetts residents who want to qualify for licensing upon successful completion of the Basic RiderCourse must obtain a Mass. motorcycle learners permit prior to the first class session (permits cannot be post dated) and  provide a clear photocopy of the original motorcycle learner's permit by the first class meeting.  If the student fails to bring to the first class meeting they will not be eligible for licensing.

  • Provide all proper riding gear (We have DOT-approved helmets available to borrow).

  • Be on time. You can not and will not be permitted to participate if you are late to class or practice. 

Refunds will be given:

  • Only with a 10 day minimum written notice (for any reason).

  • Refunds incur a $50.00 service fee.

  • If class is canceled by us (please remember course runs rain or shine) full refunds will be given. 

Refunds will not be given:

  • If you cancel less than 10 days prior to class (you may still reschedule, see below).

  • If you fail to attend your scheduled class

  • If you had previously rescheduled (see below, once you reschedule you cannot receive a refund).

  • If you arrive late to class or practice and are not allowed to participate.

  • If you are dismissed by the instructor. 

You will be charged $25 additional to:

  • Change your class date (reschedule) up to 7 days prior to class start. Rescheduling is available only to another class within the same calendar year on a space-available basis.  You must choose the new class date at the time you reschedule.

  • To re-issue lost completion cards or certificates.

  • Recoup costs of returned (bounced) checks. 

You will be charged $40 to retake the skills test
Students will be charged $100 if you reschedule 2 to 6 days
before the start of class

Within 48 hours, of an assigned class, there will be absolutely no rescheduling permitted. Failure to attend your assigned class will result in a total loss of fees.

Service disputes or changes must be submitted to this office in writing

Service disputes must be submitted within 30 days of course completion.

Students must call this office prior to registering, if:

  • Their inseam is less than 26" or they're less than 62" tall;

  • They have a physical, medical, or learning disability; or,

  • Their primary language is not English

Basic Rider Course Policies


Students successfully completing either RiderCourse will receive a MSF course completion card which may entitle you to a 10% limited Massachusetts motorcycle insurance discount (you should check with your insurance company for details as some insurers may treat things differently).

As a condition of passing the course students must attend all classroom and practice riding sessions and pass both a multiple-choice knowledge test and a riding skill evaluation to graduate from this course.

Students that are not Massachusetts residents are invited to take this course. However, not all states recognize this program. Please check with your local Motor Vehicle Department to be sure. .

Students under the age of 18 who want to qualify for licensing must also have a driver education certificate issued by the Registrar and have held their driver or motorcycle learner's permit for a full six months prior to the application for the motorcycle endorsement or license. Please call our office with any questions on this matter.

These courses emphasize the risk involved with riding a motorcycle. These risks also exist while performing practice exercises during the course. Students should be able to, at minimum, balance and ride a bicycle.

Students unable to keep pace with the class or who pose a hazard to themselves or others may be dismissed from the class by the instructor.

There will be no refunds, pro-rated or in full, should they be dismissed by the instructor.

Statewide the vast majority of students successfully complete this course their first time. Please understand that these courses have group learning format severely limiting the coaches opportunities to provide one on one instruction time. The course runs rain or shine so plan appropriately.

All students must bring to class:

  • Valid driver's license with motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle learner's permit (However, student must have learner's permit PRIOR to the course to qualify for licensing and an exemption from the Registry's road test for a motorcycle endorsement on their license. ) Out-of-State residents need only provide a copy of their home-state driver's license to participate.

  • A photocopy of the original motorcycle learner's permit

  • Pen or pencil for taking notes
    Prior to starting the class ALL students must sign a waiver and hold harmless agreement and notify the rider coach of ANY medical issues that may influence your ability to ride.


All students must bring to practice:

  • DOT-approved helmet ; 3/4 or full coverage only allowed on practice area (Note: Rider Skills has some helmets on site but students are urged to bring their own DOT approved helmet to class.

  • Eye protection (eyeglasses, sunglasses, face shield or goggles)

  • Sturdy over-the-ankle footwear (Note: high top sneakers are NOT acceptable)

  • Full-fingered gloves

  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket

  • Long pants

  • Rain gear (course runs rain or shine)

  • Sun block, as needed

  • Snacks, lunch, and non-alcoholic beverages (especially during warm weather a supply of water/sports drinks is strongly recommended)